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Now It's Your Turn to Live

A Life of Heritage

Join Our "CHICKEN RICH" Affiliate Program!

Chicken Rich is an ebook that walks you through 7 ways you can profit with your chickens.


But this bundle deal doesn't just stop with the ebook, there are 6 ebooks and binders total that make this a no bird-brainer. 


I mean...we all have chickens, right? Right?? Then why not get those cluckers to pay for their own keep? It only makes sense. 

Join Our "DUCK DOUGH" Affiliate Program!

Duck Dough...that has a ring to it, doesn't it? If not just for the fact that two words strung together with a D sounds punchy.


Duck Dough gives a full look into what it takes to raise healthy ducks and...

  • the possible duck breeds you could own 
  • how to raise healthy ducks 
  • the facts about duck eggs and meat 
  • the health concerns you should be aware of 
  • how to hatch duck eggs
  • and the pros and cons of raising ducks.

PLUS 5 more binders and bonuses that go along with the ebook.

Join Our "GUINEA FOWL" Affiliate Program!

These goofy birds are truly a wonder. You may own guineas, but do you know everything there is to know about them?


Well, after this book you will know all of this:

  • guinea fowl varieties
  • guinea fowl facts
  • training guinea fowl
  • guinea fowl breeding
  • guinea fowl eggs
  • guinea fowl meat
  • health concerns
  • hatching guinea eggs
  • raising healthy keets
  • pros and cons of owning guineas
  • and further reading resources

PLUS you will get all the bonuses!

Join Our "MY GOAT BINDER" Affiliate Program!

Raising goats may seem easy but really, goats can cause you grief and heartache if you don't know what you are doing.


But with My Goat Binder, you can get all of the record keeping in one place AND have all the very pertinent health information as well. 

Affiliate Commissions

But let's talk about you...as a huge THANK YOU for helping get the word out about these extremely in depth and helpful products I've set up a great commission for you 

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