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Now It's Your Turn to Live

A Life of Heritage

You love them...or hate them...

If we are all being honest here...well, at least I'm being honest right now...


When I brought home my first 10 guineas, I HATED THEM!  That first winter, through the entire winter months starting at 4 am, they would squawk like it was the end of the world and I dreaded what it would be like during the summer months when the windows would be open with the sweet, Montana breeze. 


And during every video I made for YouTube they were in the background causing a ruckus.


And they didn't even like me LOOKING at them...tsk.


Yes, I hated them.


But then...I don't know what happened. The spring and summer months warmed me up to them. I LOVE guineas now! They are the goofiest birds I have every laid eyes on.

But have you ever asked this question:

Can I really raise guineas and make some money...?

This is EVERYTHING you'll get when you purchase this AMAZING offer!

  • "Guinea Fowl" Complete Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl

    $20 Value

  • "Poultry Binder": For tracking, advertising and scaling your business

    $12 Value

  • "Poultry Health and Care Binder"

    $12 Value

  • Profitable Poultry 5-Day Mini Video Course

    $22 Value

  • Think and Grow Rich eBook

    $20 Value

  • Raising Birds on Pasture for Profit eBook

    $20 Value

"Guinea Fowl"...Your guinea fowl raising and business system

Total Value $95

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $17

You LOVE your guineas...(or you hate them 😉)

but can they also be a business?

Ok. So. Here's the deal. Raising guineas is easy.


Give them some food, water, an area to disappear into and a tree to roost in...and they do just fine. If they can avoid the freezing winds and snowstorms, and the fox looking for a delicious meal.

But if you want to raise them to make some money, then you will need to do a bit more than that!


I think you would be surprised at how many people want to add guineas to their properties. And guess what? That's good news for you!

So...how do you get started?

Well we know a few things to start off..

Failure is no fun.

Lack of confidence is overwhelming.

Frantic searching for information is frustrating.

I found this out the hard way...


I am a master at writing down super helpful information on small scraps of paper. 


I've wasted so much time looking for those small scraps of paper with scribbles stretching from one corner to the next and so much time just not starting because I was scared of it not working, or wasting time, or that I just didn't know enough to even start. 

Then, I had enough. I found the solution I'd been looking for...

This solution came together as an answer to everything I've ever needed to know and use in starting a guinea business...


And was the result of all that panic and lack of confidence, and now...


Here I am. Wanting to help you be the confident guinea business owner you really can be. 

It all began 13 years ago...

knowing only that guineas are fairly easy to care for and you can get lovely eggs from them. What more could I want?

But like me, you are busy.


After 12 years of chicken, duck and guinea ownership, owning a multitude of animals and needing to take care of all their fecal matter and care requirements plus homeschooling, cooking homemade dinners, running a business, helping my kids be involved in the community and somehow keeping up with making our property looking halfway decent...time becomes precious and limited. 


Don't waste another minute looking for the answers on how to start a guinea business. Stop browsing endless articles for what it takes and what is expected. Limit concerns you have...even about hatching keets!


This book and bonuses will be your saving grace!


You are already busy enough.

Imagine right now what it would be worth to raise guineas and have a successful business as well...raising the guineas you love (or hate 😉) so much.

When you don't have to spend stressful time and energy trying to find out how to raise the healthiest and most productive guineas and you have your system set up to keep them healthy...you can spend more time with your family. You brought your guineas home to bless your family with eggs and the fun ability to watch them skeedaddle back and forth across your property.


You will be able to enjoy your guineas because they are happy and healthy!


And above all that, you will come into the house after a great day with your family and chickens, ducks and guineas and feel accomplished and organized in your guinea care.


And you don't even have to waste any time trying to piece all this information together on your own and you don't have to waste money on not knowing what to do, because you will be confident in your plan to start a guinea business and what to do when things are not as they should be. 

Your Guinea Business System and Setup

Guinea Fowl


    A better way to keep records all in one place

  • Your deep breath of confidence as you start your business


    The information you need right at your fingertips


    Happier, healthier guineas

This Guinea Fowl eBook will simplify starting your guinea business and will allow you to cut overwhelm and get more done. It will also save you money by keeping accurate records and will help you raise healthy guineas. 


Within minutes you will know what you need to do to start your guinea business and will be able to track all of the necessary guinea costs and business expenses and easily record all of your guinea health information and processes. 

This is what you'll get...

Guinea Fowl eBook

The 7 ways to profit shared in this eBook will get your wheels churning as it shares revolutionary ways to raise guineas and profit from them. This book will save you time, money and give you the knowledge you need. 


You will also learn about...

  • guinea fowl varieties
  • guinea fowl facts
  • training guinea fowl
  • guinea fowl breeding
  • guinea fowl eggs
  • guinea fowl meat
  • health concerns
  • hatching guinea eggs
  • raising healthy keets
  • pros and cons of owning guineas
  • and further reading resources

Profitable Poultry Binder

This binder will...

  • walk you through the profitable selling framework 
  • show you how to wash feathers 
  • how to ship hatching eggs 
  • and has over 20 pages of records that are necessary to for your profitable business
  • it also has a raising broilers checklist 
  • and a list of pertinent information that should be included in your ads 

Poultry Health and Care Binder

This binder has...

  • symptom checker pages 
  • sickness and disease symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment options,
  • poisonous plants to avoid 
  • chore checklists 
  • first aid checklist 
  • and numerous health tracking sheets.

30 pages total. 

Below are exclusive bonuses you won't get anywhere else!

  • Profitable Poultry 5-Day Mini Course

    This mini-course has a total of 5 videos, 5 sets of worksheets for each video subject and continual access to the videos and worksheets.

Think and Grow Rich eBook




Raising Birds on Pasture for Profit eBook

Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture features farmer experiences plus the latest research in a guide to raising chickens and turkeys using pens, movable fencing and pastures. A Wisconsin family nets between $2 and $6 per bird for their pasture-raised poultry, and partners with two other producers in processing and marketing. A New Mexico producer who rotates birds across his property year-round has seen dramatic improvements to his desert soil. And a Wyoming producer was able to quit a full-time, off-the-farm job to stay home and raise pastured poultry with help from her school-age kids. With those examples and more from around the country, the bulletin touches on the pasturing system's many opportunities to improve profits, environment and rural family life.

You and your guinea business are worth this investment. The bonuses alone will save you the time searching for the information you need at a moments notice. Believe me, you would rather be sitting watching your guineas squawk and scurry around and have a cold glass of ice tea in hand, than worrying about how to start a business that would bless your family so much.  




I'm confident that you will get a lot out of Guinea Fowl and the bonuses and I believe you will be too.

Delci Plouffe

Founder, A Life of Heritage

I've gotten my ducks off to a good start...

Now it's your turn

Now all you need is this Guinea Fowl eBook, the binders and access to all of the bonuses emailed to you so you can get started right away. 


But all of this is fun when you realize that you have what it takes to do it with confidence!


Remember, you can raise guineas, start a business and have fun doing it!


Here's a recap of EVERYTHING you'll get when you purchase this AMAZING offer!

  • "Guinea Fowl" Complete Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl

    $20 Value

  • "Poultry Binder": For tracking, advertising and scaling your business

    $12 Value

  • "Poultry Health and Care Binder"

    $12 Value

  • Profitable Poultry 5-Day Mini Video Course

    $22 Value

  • Think and Grow Rich eBook

    $20 Value

  • Raising Birds on Pasture for Profit eBook

    $20 Value

"Guinea Fowl"...Your guinea fowl raising and business system

Total Value $95

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $17


- Tracy N.

Quick and easy read. Very informative

- Paul R.

I love that, and thanks for providing such great information and hope that is going to help me educate the young guys in my community who are interested in guinea fowl rearing


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