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Now It's Your Turn to Live

A Life of Heritage

Are you prepared for your first goat...?

You will learn a lot from trial and error your first year of owning goats...

Why not have a great start from the very beginning?

This FREE course will be just what you need.

  • Fencing, Shelter, Bedding

    Know what you need to have in place and ready. Shelter is a very important piece to the goat puzzle.

  • Feed, Mineral, Water

    But even if they have an excellent place to lay down for the night to keep them warm and dry, what will you feed them? Without the proper food and minerals, they will get sick quickly.

  • General Supplies

    Wouldn't it be handy to have a list of supplies that you could reference easily without having to look up information and wonder if it's right?

  • Supplies for Milking Goats

    You want to bring home goats, and probably will end up milking them at some point, right? I mean who can resist the cutest kids and having milk for breakfast? And then the milk can be made into soap...there is so much you can do with goat milk....So, the next question is, "what do I need to have ready to milk?" This will answer all those questions!

  • Medicine Cabinet

    Have you gotten sick in the last year at some point? Probably at least once, right? Well, your goats will probably get sick as well and you need to know what to do immediately. When goats get sick, it can go down hill quickly. But when you have a stocked medicine cabinet, you won't have to fret about finding what you need in the dark of the night on a weekend. You will have it and you will be able to help your goat immediately. 

Prepare for Goats Mini-Course

5 Videos, 5 Worksheets, Your Questions Answered

I'd Like Access Please!


Delci Plouffe

I would love to help you raise goats to the best of your ability.

I'm the girl who loves goats...well, any animal actually...gardening, homesteading...and will most likely have dirty feet if you were to ever see me...at home, in the grocery store or out shopping (which I avoid at all costs).

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